A Tribute to Zubeen Garg: A 30-Year Legacy that Continues to Inspire

26th March AEI Field

Zubeen Garg is not just a name; he is an icon, a legend whose music has touched the hearts of millions of people. For over three decades, he has been a prominent figure in the world of Assamese music and cinema, contributing immensely to the growth and development of Assamese culture. His songs have been the voice of the Assamese people, reflecting their joys, sorrows, and struggles.

To honor Zubeen Garg’s 30-year legacy, Gupshup, a platform that has always promoted regional music and artists, took the initiative to pay tribute to this icon. And it was not just a simple tribute; it was an effort to give back to a man who has done so much for Assamese music and cinema. It was a heartfelt expression of gratitude for his relentless dedication and contribution to the world of music.

The significance of this milestone cannot be understated. It is a testimony to Zubeen Garg’s unwavering passion and dedication to his craft. Gupshup understood the importance of commemorating this journey, and to do so, they reached out to the people closest to Zubeen – his family and friends. Together, they made a documentary that captured his journey from his younger days to the present, showcasing the immense impact he has had on Assamese society. The link of the documentary :

Gupshup’s documentary is a tribute not just to Zubeen Garg but to the spirit of Assamese culture, music, and cinema. It is a celebration of the power of music to unite people, heal wounds, and inspire change. The documentary will undoubtedly inspire future generations to carry on the torch of Assamese music and culture.

But Gupshup’s tribute didn’t stop there. They also reached out to Zubeen Garg’s fan club all over Assam, generating a massive buzz on social media. They collaborated with several partners to for the event, including Seagram’s Royal Stag Package Drinking Water, Hyundai, Skyscape, Vaibhavam Sweets, Baahi Music App, Aminia, Scordemy, UPTOWN CO-LIVING, Champawati Film’s, Astro Sailyajit, P.K Security Services, Decor Loft by Liza, Pratidin Time, Time8, and IPRS.

And the response was nothing short of phenomenal. Thousands of people showed up to celebrate Zubeen Garg’s 30-year legacy, a testament to the impact he has had on the lives of countless people. The event was an emotional and unforgettable experience, one that will forever be etched in the hearts of everyone who attended.

In conclusion, Zubeen Garg’s 30-year legacy is not just important; it is a celebration of an icon, a legend who has touched the hearts of millions of people. Gupshup’s tribute to Zubeen Garg through a documentary and an event is a testimony to the power of music and the love that people have for their cultural icons. Zubeen Garg will forever remain an inspiration for generations to come, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations to carry on the torch of Assamese music and culture.